maybe i haven't been looking at the sky

i'm vincent, 17 / nonbinary / pacific coaster. my art blog is vincebirds. i LOVE keith haring bark dog

i check the #furry and #dragon tags whenever i remember to

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Its cold out! Time to get cozy~

Feat. Zachariah

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Was talking with house mates and realized this was a perfect opportunity to Trans Rights.

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something i've been doing for a while is bg work! thought i'd share some

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Drew this in celebration of a blaseball game in which both teams kept tying and it was just so funny.

happy new year! i never want to bite into a raw onion ever again !!!!

dying to post like, literally anything to my art blog but i feel like if i post the references for the project i just started it's going to be bad luck and it'll never get off the ground

Playing around with Clip Studio Paint - it's not quite what I've been looking for, but it's fun!

(photo ref used)

i forgot how fucked up vsauce videos are . this man is really out here like "well heres a statement that is apparently factual given the information i've provided.............. OR IS IT" and every fucking time i do this

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i don't want to sleep unless it's in your arms

stop -

brb gonna go hurl myself out of a plane

stop -

Throwback to that time i went skydiving and forgot to update this post afterwards so it just looked like a vague vent post!

ive discovered i have a passionate hatred for video editing

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look at my strong son that i spent 5 hrs building

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I'm absolutely obsessed with the shape of this bird. Cannot get over it. Look how silly they look!!!

They're Hamerkops and they're relatives of Shoebills. They're like mini brown Shoebills.


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Was talking with house mates and realized this was a perfect opportunity to Trans Rights.


this took... long, but not as long as I expected. velociraptor, walk cycle. inspired by plunger chicken, of course. also roadrunners

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life is good because soup exists ^-^

'Morning' – by achrilock

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everybody's coming, leave your gender at the door

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Made a new character. Looks like he's Itzy's boyfriend now.